16 June 2009

With the 9th pick in the YGLS Mock NBA Draft...

Toronto Raptors - Jonny Flynn (G/Syracuse)

It seems as though the Raptors are in this position year after year. Each new year seems to be the year that the Toronto Raptors should be a team that makes a run, should be a team that makes the playoff, or even a team that's competitive, but alas, it never is. This team has a nice nucleus of talent around the basket, and even out towards the perimeter. What it lacks though is passion or a spark. That type of grit that can be brought from a floor general, someone who wants to win. That's why I think the Raptors will select Jonny Flynn.

Imagine the Raptors trotting out on the floor Chris Bosh, Shawn Marion, Andrea Bargnani, Jonny Flynn, and Jose Calderon. Now that's a starting five you don't want to see on a regular basis. It's a recipe for success, and since Bosh is a free agent after this year, you need to show him that Toronto is serious about winning, and make a push this year.

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